Welcome to my pop up
second hand shop.
Everything here is for sale.
If you like something
write me at
600 $
''Father fucker'' one of two survived paintings from
my first exhibition at Green fence gallery in 2019.
500 $
''Tired girl'' x Peace of newspaper from 1934.
Size something around a5.
Collaboration with me in 2019.
400 $
''Skakalka'' No 2 , killed by falling water from
coffee machine.
''Sugar ring'' from 2019, old part of a ring + fire +
sugar. One of useful ring seria.
600 $
350 $
1000 $
Out of stock
600 $
500 $
300 $
100 $
''Crocodile in love'' from 2014, digital print 1 / 1
sined by Pasha Bumazhniy . Print quality is awesome.
''Pencilhorn with two letters'' and self portrait picture.
Made of plastic and wood,reconstructed box, retro
paper letters, all by found objects in 2019 - 2020.
''Pack'' around 10 pieces , from 2016. Baby size.
''Quadroboard'' Mix of three skateboards with
garbage piece of tree.Used by me , cuz all other
transport was stolen :D
''A moon kid'' one of three babys moons, one good
artist gave me them and i convert it to a earrings.
Gogen. Big tree (patata te Moua). Taiti. 1892 y.
Hermitage. Leningrad

''Useful ring ''prototype, made it in 2019 , travel in
syberia with this ring . Used a little bit by me.
Two bears with ugly past life , born in china, long time
live in russia, now ready to move away from here.
Earring ,created in 2020 .
1000 $
Talking hearts from 2015 , i used an old advertising
board to do this piece. Big but very light weight.
sold out
''will you become a human if I kiss you?'' one of 14
paintings that i made for a Room gallery in 2019.
Digital video copy.
Music performance with horse by Pashka.
''Eatable print'' No 7 of 24 size: 42 cm x 70 cm, made
with activated carbon drug . (Last one) 2017-2018.
500 $
Hairy ring from 2020, founded hairy ball + 5 $
multysized ring, from german company that doesnt
exist now.
''Everything will be okey , maybey'' kind of not
exist ring but can come back. Multy sized. 2020
250 $
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